3win8 Casino Review

3win8 casino Review

Been one of the newest online casino slot games products that are available online in Malaysia, it was recently launched mainly so that it could be able to cater for increasing need for mobile slot games by the Malaysian people. When you look at 3win8 casino slot game payout, the layout design and the user-friendly system it has, this casino has been found to be one of the most successful online mobile slot games that have been brought into the market. For those people who may not really know what this product is all about or if you have never interacted with it before, it is also referred to as iSKY888 Malaysia. This is mainly because the two products tend to share a number of similarities especially when it comes to the structure layout as well as the product design. SKY3888 became very successful in Malaysia and due to this, 3win8 is said to be the next big thing in the online slot games.

Even though SCR888 Casino is known to be another very close competitor of 3win8 casino, the later has still been able to outdo the former when it comes to a number of different aspects that have been employed into the 3win8 casino online slot game. The first thing to note is the fact that 3win8 casino has a higher variety in terms of games compared to SCR888 Casino. This also includes a number of things like SCR888/iSKY888 slot game series, Playtech slot game series and also multiplayer arcades slot game series. This is very beneficial for 3win8 casino since it is a way in which they are able to get the attention of different players since many players tend to seek a single platform whereby most of the popular slot games that are in Malaysia are housed.

Another plus for 3win8 is the fact that compared to SCR888 it has a much better slot game design as mentioned earlier. This is especially so when it comes to the coloring and the detailing of the slot game design. Another reason as to why 3win8 casino is the best option is because it is able to support both IOS smartphones and android smartphones. With this kind of support, this casino is able to capture a large number of players in Malaysia. There is also a desktop version of it that is available for those players who may opt to make use of their desktops. However, the desktop version requires a player to have a LAN network mainly so that they can be able to connect client PC and kiosk. Due to this, you are only going to be able to see it in the illegal gambling dens that are in Malaysia. Putting aside everything that has been mentioned in regards to 3win8 casino, the fact that it has a winning payout is still something that few can be able to answer considering that it is a brand new product in the market.


  • Has the best mobile slot game solutions
  • It is the latest slot game
  • It is a better alternative to SCR888 and iSKY888


  • The desktop version is still not available to the online players