Online Casino Legality

In which countries is it illegal to play in an online casino?

Online gambling has become very popular these days and many passionate players consider it as an entertaining activity. The casino games mainly involve playing games for money, betting on the outcome of a contest and even paying for an opportunity to gain a lottery. Playing these games involves real risk as there is a loss of your prized possessions. Most people really enjoy gambling and the best thing about it is it comes in various forms like pull tab tickets, casino games, betting on sports, bingo games, scratch tickets and charity raffles. The growth of online gambling industry is very fast-paced and the estimated size of the online gambling market around the globe is around $30million.

It is very important to pay attention to the applicable legal constraints before registering for online casino games. It is equally important to make sure that you are well aware of the law and details of the game dictated in your country. In many countries, this pastime activity perceived by people was considered as a bad game. Countries for that reason set up special agencies for monitoring and regulating any activity that comes within the limits of gambling.

United States

The issue of the legality of online gambling is like a spectrum. Regardless of the fact that gambling has actually been a boon in the gaming business in the United States, there is no state which does not have any laws on online gambling and revenue making websites. The ownership regulation, monitoring, and control of all casinos and any responsibility of licensing are taken care of by the Gaming Control Board. In 2006, when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed and things changed to a certain extent, it did not make online gambling illegal. But it made online gambling illegal for financial institutions and banks and they were not allowed to process transactions between gambling sites and the residents of the US.


Casino Gambling subjected to legislation effected from 2006 is prohibited in the Russian Federation. The gambling legislation here is very confusing and in some places, the laws of gambling are not at all clear. The definite legitimacy is roughly of a grey area.  In Russia, online gambling is banned completely as it is land based gambling, except for 4 regions in the country. There are no chances that there is going to be a change in the future.


In Canada, the laws that relate to online gambling are not very clear. The legislation in Canada makes it illegitimate for any company to offer gaming and betting services to the citizens of Canada. It is important to get a license from the government, but there are no particular laws that do not permit Canadians to use gambling sites, and that makes it illegal.

Other Countries

In India, online casino gambling is prohibited in the state of Maharashtra. Online gambling activities are not permitted even in places like Israel and Backgammon. The legislation does not provide the permission for gambling activities online. It permits online gambling only to a certain extent.