Online Slots Glossary Every SCR888 Player Needs to Keep Handy

If you are just getting started at SCR888 online casino, there is a lot you need to know. However, don’t get overwhelmed by the many games and the myriad features that await you. We have a compiled a list of terms that you will come across while playing the online slots at SCR888.

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Flat-Top Slots: these non-progressive slots (also called basic or straight slots) have a relentless high payout that doesn’t modify no matter what proportion of cash is accumulated and how many times the players have played. A flat-topped jackpot is usually referred to as a “static” jackpot.

Bonus Slots: these slots are a sort of machine within which a selected combination (listed on the pay schedule) can launch a bonus feature that permits the player to get free features. The bonus feature typically involves either another (bonus) gameplay or free bonus spins.

Hit: this is a slang term for winning a slot at SCR888.

Max Bet: the most quantity of coins you’re allowed to play on one spin in any SCR888 slot game.

Coin Size: the scale of a basic currency in one spin. For example, if you want to play a 25-cent slot, the coin size could be a quarter.

Payout: the number a machine awards a client for a specific win for any SCR888 game.

Payline: The winning line or lines on a machine, as indicated by the pay table. Older slots have just one payline; today’s video slots will have as several as one hundred paylines.

Payout Percentage: this is the number of bets placed on a slot game that’s given back to the client as a payout. If a machine is alleged to own a ninety-eight percentage, then it means that ninety-eight cents out of each are given back to customers in payouts, whereas the rest (the 2 remaining cents) is that the casino’s take.

Pay Table (also referred to as Pay Schedule): The chart on a slot machine that shows what proportion of cash is won on each form of winning combination in a SCR888 game.

Random range Generator: the code utilized by online (and land-based) video slots to randomly choose times for all wins.

Progressive Slots: a slot machine that provides an outsized total of cash (called “progressive jackpots”) that will increase with each spin which is won if one player hits on a predetermined combination throughout the game.

Winning Combination: the various mixtures of symbols on the reels that a player has got to hit to garner a payout at any SCR888 slot game.

Symbols: the images on the reels confirm wins. The standard ones include stars, fruits, and numbers, however, today’s symbols will embrace nearly something that stays with the theme of the slot machine.

Wild symbol: on some slot machines, this can be an image which will be substituted for the other symbol to produce a payout. There are bonus symbols and scatter symbols within the newer additional advanced slot machines that increase the chances of winnings for the players at SCR888.