What you should expect from an online live casino?

What you should expect from an online live casino?

One specific area that has been heavily influenced by technology is the gambling industry. To put it in numbers, online gambling market has been estimated to have generated $43 billion in 2016. This concludes that players enjoy getting an experience similar to being in a real casino while being in their home. In order to inform what the users should expect from a live online casino in this digital era, this article focuses on a few points which bother newcomers the most.

The Live Dealer Experience

Games become more popular if they offer high graphics. Live Dealer casinos replace the computer graphics generated dealer (an animation close to the real person) with a real dealer. It’s like being in a real casino. Casino games without the face of the dealer, other players and with only cards and animated chips on the table appear to be very dull. In Poker or Blackjack, the player’s hands can be seen and also now many players are at the table.

Payment Options

To newcomers, banking options are a matter of concern. It is expected that online live casinos would accept credit cards, Visa or MasterCard, debit cards along with E-Wallets or PayPal, etc. E-banking facilitates payment options either when the player wins or when he loses and also provides payment security to the consumers. The player must go through the terms & conditions before participating and look for any refund options.


Random Number Generator (RNG) is a software which is the heart of online casinos. Without a good RNG, the player cannot have an idea about whether the game is fair or not. Reliable casinos who take security seriously will provide information on their RNG and employ independent companies to test and verify their RNG – verification that should be readily available at the casino’s website. The licenses issued by credible jurisdiction are recommended to checked by the user.

Lack of Glamour

Even with all the different plus points, online casinos are not yet successful in replicating the glamour of real ones. The thrill of gambling, the entertainment all around, the lights, the sounds of the slot machines, and most importantly the people – all of these can never be perceived in front of the “black mirror.” Gamblers get a different feeling when they are at their Mecca, Las Vegas. There is also a lack of speed because not all players are fully focused on the game.

Financial Benefits

There are a few financial benefits of choosing to play online. Some websites offer bonuses to players as a method of encouraging loyalty – something that rarely occurs in land-based ones. These incentives can make quite a difference to the number of participants.


Online live casinos are for those who want to earn some quick cash. People can expect a good user experience. But for those who want to enjoy gambling in the traditional way, online live casinos are far from their first choice. They are simply irreplaceable.

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