Your Guideline to safe online gambling

Your Guideline to safe online gambling

With fast and ever growing technologies and internet services, the online gambling market is replacing the land gambling market. With rise in financial conditions in South East Asian countries, the trend of using mobile phones, tablets, etc. is also growing and so is the online gambling market. But that doesn’t come easy. With the ease of sitting at home and playing the game, it comes with additional risks as well.  So what shall you do? What should be the safety measures?

To take the safety measures one should know the risks of the game first.

The Risks of Online Gambling

Whenever gambling comes into play, there is always a risk of losing money. But with online gambling, the risk of losing many other things come into play. There happen to be lots of redirections and personal frauds other than monetary and financial losses.

  1. Losing Money Online.
  2. Losing personal information
  3. Banking and online payment risk.
  4. Withholding the winning amount.

Primary steps

Installation of antivirus and anti-spyware software

Well, it’s common and the most basic step towards your safety against net banking and transactions online. It might happen while you are dealing with net banking, someone is ready up there to hack into your gambling as well as other accounts.

Primary: Choosing reviewed and popular gambling sites.

Always look for gambling sites that are active and popularly used. Before entering the game, do not forget to look for its reputation on being regular and hassle free amount exchange and other things in your priority.

 Secondary: Checking and license and proper authorization.

It’s very important step of the primary safety ensures. Check and review the license and the authorization. If you are lazy about that you might end up being webbed in some legal problems.

Some of the licensing authorities require the gambling websites to go for “Fit and proper person test”. Look for the websites having the licensing authorities as provider since “Fit and proper person test” requires the website to know the details of their customers. i.e. their background, if they happen to have proper citizenship and also if they are involved in any illegal work.

This is important to keep the criminals away from the websites.

Primary: Checking the history and other details of the sites

It’s very important since if there happen to be many number of online fraud cases against that site, you should think twice before signing up.

The gambling site that has a history of being fraudulent is often referred to as a “ROUGUE” casino. These websites generally withhold the winning amounts of the winners for apparently no reason.

Secondary: Third party audits.

It’s the most important part. Third party audited websites are the safest since their records, procedures and also servers are transparent and they are the most reputable ones. This can be ensured by the certificates displayed on the websites.

Primary: Play in small amounts

You must start with small amounts in gambling while playing online. Consider it to be a trial. Understand the site and procedure and then only play big.

Secondary: When you are gambling big amounts, check if they are protected.

Suppose you keep big amount of money deposited with the site but the fateful site runs out of business or is sold to another big party. What to do?

Ensure that the site keeps your deposited amount away from their working cost. i.e. the working capital. This will make sure that you get back your money anytime you want.

It’s your money, hence, make sure that you are gambling safely. Opt for the one which you know is safest for you.

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